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Solidarity Across IFPTE Locals - SCMMA Bargaining Training

This week, SCMMA-IFPTE Local 222 Executive Board members came together for bargaining training. The training occurred over a two day period that involved learning about the bargaining process, reviewing legal responsibilities, understanding what happens at the bargaining table, mapping out issues, and developing a plan. The group was joined by special guests Ian Cantello, President of Regina Civic Middle Management Association (RCMMA); Dave Eyjolfson, President of TEAM-IFPTE Local 161; Erin Spencer, Executive Director of TEAM-IFPTE Local 161. The workshop was facilitated by Renee Laporta, the Society of United Professionals- IFPTE Local 160’s Education Officer. The experience and insights exchanged during the training was a great outcome with opportunities for collaboration planned in the future.


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