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The Saskatoon Civic Middle Management Association (SCMMA), IFPTE Local 222, was founded on March 30, 1996. We are a certified bargaining agent in the province of Saskatchewan, with around 400 members. Working together, we, City of Saskatoon employees, continue to:

  • Partner with management and political officials to ensure the City of Saskatoon continues to provide excellent service to our community

  • Negotiate and improve policies, thereby simplifying processes and ensuring equitable, efficient resolution of issues

  • Ensure full access to valuable training and professional development

  • Communicate to elected official the employee perspective on policies that impacts our work and profession

  • Provide a confidential feedback loop to management

  • Ensure that standards of professional integrity are upheld and not compromised

SCMMA Local 222 Logo - Small.png


Greg Hippe (Roadways, Fleet and Support)

Vice President

Jazmin Evers (Roadways, Fleet and Support)

Labour Relations

Roger Bradley (Building Standards)


Deanna Campbell (Saskatoon Transit)

Position Classification
Katie Calder (Water and Waste Operations)

Pensions and Benefits

Sarah Mantyka (Water and Waste Operations)


Anna Cole (Saskatoon Water)

Member Services

Waseem Kamran (Saskatoon Transit)


David Neilson (Transportation)

Erin Placatka (Sustainability)

Mitchell Pollard (Saskatoon Transit)

Jon Theobald (Water and Waste Operations)


Preside at all meetings of the Association. They shall enforce the provisions of the Constitution. They shall appoint all such Committees as the Executive Board may deem necessary or expedient for furthering the objectives of the Association, and shall be an ex-officio member of such Committees. They shall perform such other duties as the Association or the Executive Board may assign to them.

Vice President

Shall assist the President in the discharge of their duties and during their absence shall perform the duties of the President. In the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice-President shall act as President for the unexpired term.

Director of Labour Relations

Responsible to coordinate the efforts of the Association in matters that pertain to the Labour Relations Board and jurisdictional issues between the City and other unions; advises the Board and Association members on matters relating to employee rights and responsibilities outlined in the Labour Standards Act; coordinate the efforts of the Association in matters that pertain to contract negotiations and related issues; advise the Board and Association members on matters relating to the interpretation of the Collective Agreement.


Responsible to receive all monies paid into the Association and issue receipts; provide detailed financial reports to the President and Board; keep regular books and records the Association's finances and submit the same for inspection and audit.

Director of Position Classification

Responsible to coordinate the efforts of the Association in matters that pertain to the Job Classification process; to assist members in preparing their presentation to the Classification Committee and to take forward a request for appeal, as required; recruit members to represent the Association at the Classification Committee meetings; serve as liaison between the City and the Association regarding the Salary Administration and Classification process.

Pension and Benefits Director

Represent the Association on the City’s Pension Benefit Committee; review benefits available arising out of the plans surpluses and to recommend benefit improvements to the Board and membership; brings forward to the Board any recommendations for plan improvements not arising out of the plan surpluses made to the City and the employee organizations as subjects to be dealt with as part of the collective bargaining process; attends quarterly meetings of Board of Trustees – General Superannuation Plan and report to the Board.


Keep correct minutes of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board. They shall conduct all correspondence in accordance with instructions given to them by the President and Executive Board. They shall furnish such information as may be deemed necessary relating to the functions of the Association. They shall perform such other duties as are prescribed by the Constitution and by the President and Executive Board.

Director of Member Services

Responsible for planning, delivery, and evaluation of Association sponsored programs and services (eg. EFAP, Wellness, social committees, SCMMA/ESA golf tournament); serves as a liaison between the City, other unions and the Association regarding joint programs and services; recruits Association members to participate on committees as required.



The International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) is a non-profit employee-based organization, made up of autonomous local affiliates, such as SCMMA, TEAM, The Society of United Professionals, and many more. 


IFPTE advocates on behalf of more than 80,000 people in professional and technical occupations both in Canada and in the United States. 


Unique within labour, most of IFPTE members' occupations are primarily white-collar, including all engineering disciplines, a wide variety of scientific and research professions, lawyers and administrative judges, economists, environmental officers, and urban planners, among others, all within the private, public, and federal sectors.


A number of independent unions and associations have found IFPTE a great way to join the larger labour community while providing additional resources to their members.  Not only is IFPTE structured to ensure locals have autonomy over their governance and finances, it also allows for the sharing of resources, like staff, while greatly increasing their advocay and outreach within a network of other organized professionals among the IFPTE community.

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